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Enigma Season: The Enigma Quartet, book one

Enigma Season: The Enigma Quartet, book one

(Most recent edition: July 2022; PS Publishing; cover by Ben Baldwin.)

Enigma Season: The Enigma Quartet, book oneWritten with Eric Brown.

It was Mags who started all the trouble. She set Pinto thinking, and there was always trouble when Pinto started thinking. They'd been running the tunnels with friends, just as they always did, but then... "I wonder what's outside?" Mags asked. That was all it took. A question, a simple question...

In Enigma Season, the first volume of the Enigma Quartet, Brown and Brooke tell the story of a humankind consigned to life underground in a bid to escape the consequences of environmental disaster... and of a small group who dare to wonder what might lie outside.

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