'The Accord is not only Brooke's best novel to date, but one of the finest to broach the subject of virtual reality.'—The Guardian

Embrace: tales from the dark side

Embrace: tales from the dark side

(Most recent edition: November 2010; infinity plus.)

Embrace: tales from the dark side

Eleven stories from the darkest reaches of Keith Brooke's imagination, each with a new afterword. Revisit the haunts of your youth, retell the story of your life, embrace your inner demons. Listen to the voices, go on...


To Be Alone, Together
Debbs is Back
What She Wanted
Brighton Town
The Story of My Life
Resting Place

'Keith Brooke is a wonderful writer. His great gift is taking us into worlds we never imagined...'
Kit Reed

'Keith Brooke's prose achieves a rare honesty and clarity, his characters always real people, his situations intriguing and often moving.'
Jeff VanderMeer

'in the recognized front ranks of SF writers.'

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