'The Accord is a literary science fiction tour de force that is sure to be one of the best novels of 2009. Novels this good have seldom appeared as mass-market paperbacks since the halcyon days of the Ace Specials.'—SciFi Wire

Parasites: The Kon-tiki Quartet, book two

Parasites: The Kon-tiki Quartet, book two

(Most recent edition: June 2018; PS Publishing; cover by Ben Baldwin.)

Parasites: The Kon-tiki Quartet, book twoWritten with Eric Brown.

Humankind has at last sent a ship to the stars, leaving an Earth ravaged by environmental disaster and torn apart by competing sectarian interests.

Kat Manning is one of eighteen specialists aboard the starship Kon-Tiki, clones whose various areas of expertise will be crucial in the months and years ahead as they forge a new life on a strange alien world.

But what Kat finds on Newhaven is nothing she could have planned for, and every bit as surprising and challenging as the issues she left behind on Earth: mysterious aliens, political in-fighting, and someone willing to go to any lengths to keep a deadly secret.

In Parasites, the second volume of the Kon-Tiki Quartet, Brown and Brooke tell the story of humankind's taming of an alien world - and of confrontation with the demons that lurk within the very psyche of humanity itself.

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