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(Most recent edition: November 2022; Angry Robot.)

Wormhole"Brooke and Brown have crafted a thriller threaded with the complexities that are only possible in Science Fiction"—Peter F Hamilton

"That's not a cold case. That's an archaeological dig..."

Detective Inspectors Gordon Kemp and Danni Bellini are pulled off their routine cold case investigations and ordered to investigate a murder from 2109. Eighty years ago...

Sebastian White, a leading expert in suspension technology, killed by a single stab wound. Three suspects: his deputy, his business partner and his wife. Three perfect alibis. Simple as that? Not quite.

Ten years before White's death, we discovered the first Earth-compatible planet orbiting the star Mu Arae. In 2110 a starship was sent on the eighty year journey to the planet, its crew held in stasis by the tech designed by White. A short way into the voyage the ship blew up, killing the crew and ending our hope of a new world.

Who killed White? What happened to the ship? Why re-open the case now?

A collaboration from two of the genre's most respected names, Wormhole is a multi-layered, twisting SF murder mystery that spans decades and light years, the hope of the world and the lies of the few.

"Brown and Brooke offer a compelling genre blend of hard science fiction and murder mystery that will appeal to fans of Jeff VanderMeer and Peter F Hamilton." - Library Journal

"There is a stonking crime story that runs through Wormhole... equally as good is the planet exploration element of the story. Brown and Brooke get to flex two different writing muscles and they work equally well. ... The world building is excellent ... I thoroughly enjoyed Wormhole." - Sam Tyler, SF Book Reviews

"This is a cracker of a book... Keith Brooke and Eric Brown keep the plot bubbling nicely, with impressive twists and turns that ensure things are rarely how they first seemed... One of the most enjoyable novels I've read in a while." - Brian Clegg

"This is so much more than a simple whodunnit. It's more like a 'who-are-we-if we've-dunnit,' and it gives the reader much more to think about than just who the culprit might be. Overall, this is a likeable, solid police drama that dips its toe in a speculative future before swimming deeper into alien waters." - FanFiAddict

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