"The king of children's horror."—Sunday Express



(Most recent edition: November 2022; Angry Robot.)

Wormhole"Brooke and Brown have crafted a thriller threaded with the complexities that are only possible in Science Fiction"—Peter F Hamilton

"That's not a cold case. That's an archaeological dig..."

Detective Inspectors Gordon Kemp and Danni Bellini are pulled off their routine cold case investigations and ordered to investigate a murder from 2109. Eighty years ago...

Sebastian White, a leading expert in suspension technology, killed by a single stab wound. Three suspects: his deputy, his business partner and his wife. Three perfect alibis. Simple as that? Not quite.

Ten years before White's death, we discovered the first Earth-compatible planet orbiting the star Mu Arae. In 2110 a starship was sent on the eighty year journey to the planet, its crew held in stasis by the tech designed by White. A short way into the voyage the ship blew up, killing the crew and ending our hope of a new world.

Who killed White? What happened to the ship? Why re-open the case now?

A collaboration from two of the genre's most respected names, Wormhole is a multi-layered, twisting SF murder mystery that spans decades and light years, the hope of the world and the lies of the few.

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